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Blake Jones, Shawn Pope, Juan Galindo & Tony McRoberts

Golf Entrepreneurs

This is the DivotIsland Team, and we all love golf!

This all started when I met an interesting individual by the name of Shawn Pope as i started a new career. Our water cooler conversations often revolved around our game and golf gear. After a few months of around the office interactions i invited him to the local range to demonstrate my newfound ambition as a long drive competitor. Well, i never made it too far in the LDA world but we did play some casual golf at the local courses. In late 2017 Shawn showed me a handmade prototype of our current product. I was immediately struck with its potential. After i saw my score and accuracy improve over several rounds i knew we were on to something more substantial. In order to bring this to the golf universe we formed a partnership; Shawn with Product Design and Manufacturing, myself (Blake) with the business elements, Juan is in marketing and operations & Tony is in Sales. We are a friend and family owned business with a vision to assist golfers around the world with simple and effective products. Good luck to everyone out there with their game and with a little luck, check us out on the shelves of your local pro-shop soon!

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-DivotIsland Team